How to get beautiful skin with Mila Moursi

I never thought I’d actually be able open up in public about my skin problems I’ve had over the years. I always thought I have to be perfect looking. Living in Hollywood since a few years has shown me even more how some girls have the PERFECT skin, no pimples, no wrinkles, just this beauty glow that every girl wishes to have.

When I was in the Disney band, I used to put so much makeup on all the time. We had so many appointments all day long, I wasn’t even able to remove my makeup in between, so I’d put one layer after the other one on top of it.

The result is pretty clear : my skin got so bad, I wouldn’t even leave the house anymore without wearing makeup at all. I went to so many Dermatologists who would put me on antibiotics, gave me very aggressive skin care products and nothing ever helped.

My skin right now : 

Finally after years and years of not being able to clear up my skin,  I finally got introduced to this lady Mila Moursi. With more than 30 years of experience, Mila Moursi is known as Beverly Hills’ secret and hidden expert in ultimate skin care.

I wanna take you on this journey with me and show you step by step what Mila Moursi is doing to get my skin looking all beautiful and glowing again.

Products I’ll be using for the next few weeks :

Face :

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Refining Lotion

Body : 

  • Shower Gel
  • Refining Body Scrub
  • Firming Body Lotion
  • Rejuvenating Dry Body Brush
  • Revitalizing $ Beautifying Oil

Here is a video I did for my first visit at Mila Moursi Skin Care in Beverly Hills:

If you’re having bad skin, you have to see Mila Moursi. Trust me, I’ve tried so many different ways how to fix my skin. And spent so much money for absolutely nothing. After only one treatment, I called my parents and the first thing my mom said : Manou, your face looks different. What did you do? I explained her I finally found someone who will be able to fix my skin issues.


Can’t wait to show you all my end results after a few weeks treatments.


Testimonials :

I love Mila Moursi’s skincare line and treatments. She has helped keep my skin healthy and beautiful. Mila is an expert in her field and a true professional. I noticed a significant difference in my skin since I began using her products. She’s a skincare miracle worker!!! – Jennifer Aniston

I am blown away by Mila Moursi products and treatments. I love their consistency and scent.  But mostly, they work. It’s the best facial I have ever received.      – Courteney Cox

Since I began using Mila Moursi’s skincare line my skin has made a complete transformation. I noticed the difference immediately. Her products continue to improve my skin and keep it looking youthful and refreshed. I’m grateful for Mila and her products. – Chelsea Handler



My first time laser hair removal at LaserAway

I had my very first laser hair removal appointment at LaserAway. I did so much research before I went but I still couldn’t figure out if it hurt or not. (VIDEO AT THE BUTTOM)

When I got there, my first question of course: WILL IT BE PAINFUL? The beautiful lady with the perfect shaped eyebrows said “if you’re doing the legs, then no, you won’t have any pain” and thank god I was actually there to get my hair removed on my legs.

Now did I mention this was exactly the same doctors bed Khloe Kardashian got her very first laser hair removal done as well? Therefore I told myself, if she can do it, I can do it too;)

After filling out a ton of forms, I was finally ready to go into a small little room. I thought they wanna freeze me since the temperature was so cold, but I guess it had to be that way for the laser machine. The scary part is the sound of the machine, it was so loud so you can barely talk to each other.

Another lady came and told me to put this cute little white skirt on and then we all got those special glasses. Then I was laying down and she painted some kind of skeleton (well that’s what I call it, I’m sure there’s some kind of professional term for it) on my legs to know exactly which parts to laser after each other.

She turned the machine on and started on my lower legs close to the food. Then she stops and says “does it hurt?”. I thought I was fooled because honestly I couldn’t even feel she was doing something. So there you have my answer if it hurts : NO, it doesn’t hurt at all.

When I turned around on the back, you can feel a tiny little pinch, but it’s so fast that I didn’t really care at all.

Now watch the video to see my full experience: